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July 28, 2007

Is Your Life Well-Lived? Do You 'Hum' When You Go to Work?

If you were to die tomorrow, would you be happy with your life as lived? And what has this question got to do with going solo? Everything.

There is a new blog out there called Pursue the Passion, four young men touring the country interviewing people who are passionate about their jobs.  Their mission:  to learn what makes people 'hum' when they go to work, working occupying a disproportionate amount of our lives.  Do we toil for another or for ourselves?  Do we toil in service for the greater good or someone else's bottom line?  Do we have time to enjoy all the pleasures in our lives, is it balanced?  Do we have our priorities straight? Do we have more or less days where we sit back with a sense of serenity about the choices we've made in life?

Well, on a recent interview early on in their tour Brett Farmiloe interviewed Jim Cox, a helicopter news cameraman in Phoenix, Arizona.  Brett got his first helicopter ride over the city and met a professional who loved going to work every day.  It was a great interview. 

Jim Cox, a passionate cameraman, talked about how he one day dreamt of getting in the pilot seat and reporting. He was described to me by Bruce as one of the best photographers in America because of his unrelenting drive to get the shot that told the story to the viewer.

Rick Krolak was riding his bike around, like every morning, when he found me aimlessly walking down the runway in search of my helicopter ride. He happily guided me over to the place where I was supposed to be at, and merrily went on his way.

Today Jim Cox, Rick Krolak and two other dedicated professionals died in a spectacular helicopter crash over Phoenix...doing what they loved.  (Video)

It gave me pause.  Does it give you pause when you reflect on the direction of your personal and professional life?  Do you 'hum' when you go to work? If you were to die tomorrow would you be happy with your professional life and is it personally well-lived?


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