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August 16, 2007

"Passed the Bar - Hung A Shingle" - Cullen Geisler

The newest addition to "Passed the Bar - Hung a Shingle" is Cullen Geisler who is practicing in Michigan.

Cullen P. Geisler, Esq. - Law Offices of Cullen P. Geisler, PLLC

My name is Cullen Patrick Geisler and I graduated law school from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI in May 2005 I was sworn in November 2005 and started my firm The Law Offices of Cullen P. Geisler in March 2006. 
Its been an interesting ride and I have learned a tremendous amount.  I started my firm out of necessity because I was laid off in Feb 06.  I will never look back. I really think in Michigan the practice of law is changing and small firms will be the wave of the future. 
I feel I have learned and gotten so much experience in the last year and a half which I could never have gotten working for someone else.  Being laid off young without any responsibilities (children or family) I am blessed. 
Unfortunately law school only teaches you how to read and research like a lawyer and form a theoretical argument. Upon reflection, this past year and a half has been worth more than my 3 years of law school.  Negotiating, dealing with judges, and managing a case are not taught at all in law school and that is a shame.
I have also met many young shinglers in my area who have given me work because they were so busy! This has also led to many new friendships.
It hasn't always been easy but I have learned much about the power of the internet and its ability to bridge any gap there may be between myself and other established firms.  Thank you for the support and inspiration your blog provides.
Cullen P. Geisler, Esq.
The Law Offices of Cullen P. Geisler PLLC
28175 Haggerty Road
Novi, MI 48377


(248) 488-8623


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Kevin D.

Awesome post, Cullen! Your story is an inspiration to dreaming (soon-to-be) solos like myself.

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