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November 28, 2007

I'm on the Cover of Fortune....(Well, I Should Be.)

(This was just way too much fun to pass up.) 

But truthfully, I feel I should be...not because I have the traditional fortune in terms of gold ingots in my Prada bag and mansions in three countries.  But because I have a different type of fortune and I feel like one of the richest people on the planet.  I am self-employed, have created a work environment where I pick and choose my clients and when I work or not. My income is of my choosing depending upon how smart and/or hard I work.

And, yes, I have my business and marketing plan, too.  Without it, life is just disorganized, fanciful dreaming and mindless wandering.  Without a business plan, well, some people get lucky.  But most often they don't.  And without an intelligent and inspired business and marketing plan, great ideas (and talented lawyers) wither on the vine.

So, can you picture yourself on this cover?  What do you need to do to get there?  Is it time to get started?  The new year is just around the corner.


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Grant D. Griiffiths

Great cover!!! And you are exactly right. More need to consider subscribing to the notion of solo practice, being self-employed and even working from home. Those who do and are have a sense of freedom and a "Fortune" more should consider.

Chuck Newton

Good grief, you are on the cover of Fortune.

Larry Brown

Congratulations! This is a really great cover. Long live the solo practice.

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