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April 07, 2008

Want a Hot Niche? Think Fido

Texas solo Yolanda Eisenstein has created a nice little niche for herself in that every type of matter she handles has one thing in common:  animals.  You can read the article here.  But more importantly learn how this lawyer differentiated herself from the pack (pun intended.)

While Eisenstein is a vegetarian who believes animals should be treated under the law as more than property, her law practice involves a diverse medley of real-world issues involving pets. For example, Eisenstein gives presentations to neighborhood associations, animal rescue groups and other nonprofits on how to comply with federal, state and local animal control laws.

She represents people "wrongfully accused of animal cruelty" and brings nuisance suits on behalf of neighbors fed up with barking dogs. And she can set up pet trusts, which are valid in Texas, to provide for animals upon their owners' deaths.

"My goal is to protect animals and help people be more responsible pet owners," says Eisenstein, who with her husband is the caretaker of an Airedale dog named Marley.

Eisenstein defined her mission, targeted her audience and made her voice heard.  Her  domain name (http://animallawoffice.com) showed committment and thought understanding how her clients would search for her services. 

How are you defining your mission, getting your voice heard, attracting your ideal clients?


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Amy A. Breyer

Sounds pretty much like the practice I started a little over six years ago in Illinois. See www.animallawonline.net. Same with my colleague, Adam Karp, in Washington state. See www.animal-lawyer.com. So far, so good. I wish her well!

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