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November 20, 2006

'Branding' is the New Black

Back in July of this year I wrote a column for the Connecticut Law Tribune discussing the intrinsic value of 'branding' for the solo.  "Branding" seems to have become the new buzz word in the legal profession but the fact is it is nothing new to the rest of the service and product world. It's just been given new life and renamed.  We no longer have advertising campaigns. That's so yesterday.  We have branding campaigns.  But that doesn't diminish the value of the underlying message. In the legal profession you, the lawyer, embody the brand.  The brand is the statement of the quality of your service, a level of service the client can expect.  And in every action you take, every word you utter, you are reinforcing that statement..."burning" the message into your existing clients so they become walking talking billboards for potential clients.  Is it important to your success?  I would venture to say it is critical.


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