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December 15, 2006

Becoming A Technology "Junkie" Can Cut Overhead

There are many blogs devoted specifically to technological advances.  And if you are a tech junkie you probably have them bookmarked.  I, however, am not.  I recognize the advances and eventually apply them to my business and then for my personal use.  I tend to wait until they become a little more mainstream, the kinks are worked out and there is enough competition to bring the price down.  I think my patterns are also reflective of alot of fellow solo attorneys.

That being said, while flying to sunny Florida aboard Southwest Airlines, I picked up the Skymall Magazine because there was nothing else to read.  I happened upon TigerDirect Marketing and Internet Phone Service and it piqued my attention.   Now, there may be many of you out there who already have Internet Phone Service, but for those who already do and those who don't,  I've  stumbled across a company that could save you a bundle. 

I would venture to say at this point most businesses have high-speed internet. With a service like "SunRocket" you could ultimately get unlimited calling/faxing throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico through your current high speed internet server using your current equipment (if you already have cordless technology with multiple handsets) for as a little as $17.00 per month.  Companies such as Vonage have been around for a while. Earthlink, too.  And I am sure there are others. But I've never seen internet phone service as low as $17 per month (a $199 one year pre-pay for the service). I currently have bundled services through my cable company which includes phone, internet and cable. For me, internet phone service with a company like SunRocket would be an additional savings of nearly $350 a year. SunRocket claims a savings upwards of $600 a year from traditional telephone service like AT&T.

If you have a home office, or just want to use it in your home, providing the volume of calls does not amount to that of a Microsoft, it might be something worth investigating to reduce your overhead. As always, anything that reduces your overhead while making your life easier is something you should investigate.

If you already have experience with this technology and have an opinion about it or this particular company or it's competition, please share your thoughts.  I am going to investigate SunRocket when I get home but on the surface it looks pretty good.


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Marvin Schuldiner

I have VOIP telephone service through a company called msmnetphone.com. 98% of the time, you couldn't tell the difference between VOIP and POTS ("plain old telephone service"). The other 2% of the time I do have trouble getting a call through. And of course, when my cable ISP service goes down, I'm stuck using my cell phone.

Overall, I like the VOIP service. You can take the box with you and have your phone service with you anywhere you have high speed internet...even overseas.

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