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December 27, 2006

Lawyers Appreciate.......

Lawyers appreciate the value of their degree.  They understand the education they have given themselves enables them to captain their own ship rather then spend life as a passenger, chart their own course rather than chug along in the well known and crowded shipping lanes.  Lawyers appreciate their education helps them to navigate themselves and their families through this ever-more complicated world we live in while earning a living helping others to do the same.  And lawyers appreciate other lawyers whether they will admit to it or not.  It takes a certain spirit to be a lawyer and there is (unfortunately) an unspoken respect for others who share this profession.  It's time to show our appreciation for all lawyers out there, newly minted or well-seasoned. Cheers to you and to Stephanie of Idealawg and Jennifer who thought to start this Appreciation Campaign.


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Hi, Susan:
I am glad I came across your blog thanks to the Appreciation Campaign. Great info!

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