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December 23, 2006

Yale MBA Program - Skills Training? What A Concept!

In an interesting article picked up off the AP, I discovered that Yale is revamping their MBA program to make it more responsive to the student's needs, wants and desires.  I'll repeat ......to be more responsive to the student's needs, wants and desires.

As part of the new MBA curriculum, students are now required to study abroad to get much needed global exposure.  (Reads like demographic and economic trending to me!)  And "the Ivy League school also replaced finance and marketing courses that have been the mainstay of business education for 50 years with courses structured to mimic the way business managers operate." 

"The changes, implemented this fall, come after criticism in scholarly articles that MBA programs have failed to teach useful skills. Other business schools are implementing or considering similar plans."

Here is the full link as I was unable to do it any other way.


As Peter Olson posted in a  recent comment, "law schools are moving at a glacial pace."  When it comes to curriculum and being responsive to its students' needs, it's time for a little  "law school warming."


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