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January 22, 2007

YouTube...You Win

The sheer marketing brilliance of Hillary Clinton's advisors is astounding.  We've heard conversation that the 2008 Presidential election will be campaigned and probably won on the internet. Clinton's YouTube message is nothing short of brilliant whether you like her or not.  From a marketing perspective, this is why.  For low cost, she can be in everyone's computer in the United States and around the world, including soldiers, expatriates, and travelers without relying on the biased television stations and news reports and radio hot shots to deliver prejudiced sound bites if you happen to be tuned in at 6:30 p.m. to World News with Charlie Gibson.  She can talk one-on-one with the world in the privacy of their own home when they are ready to sit and listen.

And she is creating a ground roots "buzz" about her campaign with the age group who will elect her into office if she is to win.  She can read commentary on the YouTube site to get instantaneous unfiltered feedback to tailor her campaign "conversation" going forward.  And she intends to speak weekly to this audience to build loyalty, measure both traffic and whether she is staying on target with her message.  Note: She is exploring her presidential options.  The feedback she gets, at low cost, will determine whether she does in fact run.

How does this type of marketing impact the solo?  Well, low cost introduction to your perspective clients and feedback to tailor your message is invaluable.  If your audience is the under 40 crowd who feels most comfortable with modern technology this is a must have part of your marketing campaign.  If you are doing elder law this may not be the best return on your investment of time.  If you are doing significant work with the under 30 crowd in any area of law understand they are already computer savvy for many reasons in their lives, research, school, social life, job searches, house searches, and more.  Finding legal representation on the web is a natural extension.

Is it time to put your face on and make a YouTube presentation to your audience?  I venture to say the technologically savvy solo practitioners will be doing it very quickly.  But more importantly, as a solo you have no committee to approve or not approve your use of this technology.  Large firms by virtue of their sheer girth cannot move as fast as technology requires.  You are a committee of one.  As such, your vote should be with this unprecedented opportunity to "speak to your world" for pennies.

However, keep your presentation professional and short.  Don't compromise quality or professionalism when you make your video.  A negative impression ends up being very expensive in lost business.   


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