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February 17, 2007

Tip of The Week - It's All In The Details

I recently met with a new Website Designer.  I always like to have a variety of vendors available for my clients so I can match up not only quality services at the proper price point for each client but to make sure the personalities mesh, as well.

As we were talking about her knowledge and the services and price points, she told me something about websites/blogs that I had only been aware of on an unconscious level. She had learned it from her client who practiced in the area of trusts and estates.

After they had meticulously worked out the design, which was spectacular, he then instructed her to increase the font size.  He told her "my audience is primarily elderly and they simply need larger type and less eye strain.  If they can't read my site they will move on to a site they can."

Yes, we live in an aging population and with age comes failing eyesight.  People are spending more and more time on the computer and suffering from eye strain. Not everyone, for vanity or whatever reason, keeps their reading glasses around their neck or within arms reach. Since most people will only look at your site for 96 seconds, they better be able to read it.

The devil is in the details. Think about your clients. The best information will never be read, the client will be hard-pressed to make that call, if the client has to squint to read your website/blog and your contact information.


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