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March 10, 2007

"Tip of the Week" - To Be Effective Focus on the Game Changing Deal

I need inspiration every once in a great while.  I found this fabulous unfiltered passionate story on entrepreneurship at You Ain't Gonna Learn What You Don't Want To Know written by Andy Monfried, an entrepreneur who shares on his blog his 'Game Changing Deal," that event, that moment,  that person, maybe you get five in your life, which clearly redirects your efforts and propels you into the next adventure on your journey. The post is long (you've been forewarned) but worth every second.

Andy tells the story of a new job in 1994 "re-selling" copy services to three Big Law firms in New York City, a territory that had been relegated to the garbage heap because the sales person before had botched the relationships so badly in just the past six months. The company recognized it was a no-win situation so they threw the new guy in. Andy tells of this challenge and how it taught him his life's biggest lessons:

Stay commited.
Focus on Changing the Game.
Be Sincere.
Be Different.
Risk being laughed at.
Risk FAILURE every day.
Write handwritten notes.
And, most of all positive karma -- or leave what you are doing.

Entreprenurial Improvisation.

For solos starting out in a competitive arena, this story will inspire you.  You may even make Andy your hero, his mantra yours.


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