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March 28, 2007

"Why You Should Write an E-Book" by Seth Godin

Writing and marketing an E-Book is a natural evolution from blogging based upon all the energy you put into writing an effective practice-based blog.  Seth Godin shows us the simple steps, based upon his experience, on how to do so and why, quite frankly, every lawyer who has a wealth of accumulated specialized information, should do so.  She should do so from a marketing perspective to position herself as the 'go to person' for that specific area of expertise, to create passive income for the future when she wants to work less hours and to create a secondary benefit/career for all the hard work she has put into establishing her career. 

The reality is most of us don't know how to start, how to gather and sort through the filing cabinets in our offices, computers and minds, aren't even sure we have that expertise, but most importantly don't want to take the time or would like to but don't have the time.  We're not even sure who would buy our information.

There are people out there (I actually know of one) who will do it all for you, collect and synethsize data, package and bring to market to the audience who will buy your expertise, and help you create your own info marketing programs to provide you both positioning in the industry and passive income.

If you haven't thought about it you should.  Passive income is very attractive upon retirement or for when we might want to shift gears.  Knowledge is saleable.  As attorneys, especially those with niches, we have marketable, saleable information that others would profit from.  You should think long and hard about how much you really know and what it might be worth to others...and ultimately yourself.


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