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April 16, 2007

Interview with Liz Strauss, Queen of Relationship Building - (Part I)

Liz Strauss is the Queen of Relationship Building as evidenced by her blog Successful-blog.com.
Liz has created an incredible community of relationships from all walk of professional and personal bloggers, forums that excite and stimulate, and she is a seasoned business person having spent twenty years in the publishing industry.  She is also a frequent contributor to the popular Blog Herald.

On May 11 & 12 she will be participating in SOBCon 07 (Successful Outstanding Bloggers Conference) to be held in Chicago which promises to be a who's who of the blogging world as well as host to extraordinary speakers.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend but if you have the opportunity to do so I suspect you will walk away with valuable information and great relationships.

Liz and I have talked on the telephone as part of her 'reach out and speak with a blogger' campaign and she graciously agreed to be interviewed on her tips for legal blogging.

Susan; In the legal profession what separates solo practitioners from mid-size and Big Law firms is their ability to develop meaningful professional relationships with their clients.  In marketing they call this the 'relationship-buy." If a new lawyer is contemplating creating a blog as a marketing tool and their only web presence how would you tell her to utilize her blog to encourage relationship-building?; Are their specific steps?

Liz: Building a relationship on line is about understanding that a tacit agreement exists from word one. I can't see you. You can't see me. So we have to agree that we will be authentic in the words that we speak via the words that we write. Authenticity and transparency are more than words on the Internet. They are the cornerstone of a relationship.

I am authentically Liz. If you find me on any blog on the internet you will find the same Liz. It comes from understanding that the Internet has no eraser and that my future clients, future grandchildren will one day read what I say. I expect authenticity of myself. If you want a relationship with me I expect the same from you, as well.

It's not that different from a relationship in the brick and mortar world. It only happens faster here. Smaller talk isn't needed to establish a relationship because I can click off your page if I find that you aren't what I need. If you are a like-minded client/professional we find that out soon enough and we're on to how we might be building on what we have in common to make something outstanding happen and/or creating an attorney/client relationship. That's what makes the Internet and blogging so exciting.

People who blog think it's about writing. It's not. It's about connecting and forming relationships with people who are looking in the same direction wanting or needing your services. Amazing things can happen when you find that the world is your community.

Part II of this interview witll be posted Monday, April 23rd; Part III, April 30th


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