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April 12, 2007

'Want A Solo Criminal Practice?' & 'Start Adding To The Conversation'

Carolyn Elefant at MyShingle (through proper blogger etiquette), directs us to a great free on-line resource for those who are interested in starting a criminal practice....tools of the trade, so to speak. Great information, Carolyn.... and thank you Evan Schaeffer at the' Illinois Trial Practice Blog (the original blogger.)

With careful searching you can find the information you need on the internet. Or at the very least put you searching in the right direction.

But this post is illustrative of a more important point: I've come to learn bloggers are very generous people and provide great resources for all of us. Whether they are building their own businesses or reputations is secondary. What matters to you is what they are giving you every day in terms of valuable information.

Whether you are interested in their services or not you have an opportunity to start building relationships with very knowledgable generous people and in return you should be contributing what you know either through your own blog or commentary on other blogs. You can start adding value to the collective knowledge base.

Don't assume you don't have anything to contribute.  Your 'inexperience' can be the basis of a question that creates a blog post that benefits many. It all adds to the conversation. Never forget that.

So, at the end of a blog post if you see an invitation to contribute, go for it.  Start building those relationships.  Keep the conversation going. It's a win/win situation. Imagine if all of life were like this, where your opinion is requested, considered and valued.


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