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May 13, 2007

"Tip Of The Week" - Reputation Damaged? Contact ReputationDefenders.com

There is a new danger lurking on the internet called 'Cyber-Slamming," malicious destruction of your good name forever tattoed on the internet whenever your name is searched by a potential client, employer, lover, whatever.  You, your family, your children can be permanently scarred, although defenders of the first ammendment tell would-be destroyers to call it 'an opinion.' Regardless of what you call it, your reputation can be destroyed, such as the Yale Law Student who was systematically and maliciously violated on AutoAdmit impacting her job opportunities.  Or this young lady, Stacy Snyder, who just filed a lawsuit against Millersville University for denying her a degree based upon a photograph of her drinking. And for the solo lawyer who could easily be attacked by a disgruntled client or vindictive colleague, this could be a nightmare.

"Cyber-slamming is a recent phenomenon (that is) going to create an entire area of legal issues for people who were denied potential employment because someone decided to publish slanderous information on them,"

That is why there is Reputation Defenders, a new company who will seek and destroy those damaging references.

Anyone can post any information about anyone, however false, on any one of the thousands of Internet sites with modifiable content. Once posted, defamatory information can be stored on the Web forever, accessible to anyone via a simple search.

Under current law, a court cannot oblige the owner of a site hosting defamatory postings to remove the offensive content......

ReputationDefender (www.reputationdefender.com), which was founded last fall, charges $29.95 to try to remove each item from the Internet, and a monthly fee of $9.95 to continue to monitor postings about an existing client.

My suggestion is, the same way you check your credit report on an annual basis, Google your name and your company's name on a weekly basis to see if there is any information circulating that you find is potentially threatening to you.  You must stay proactive and aggresively stamp out any malicious virus threatening to infect and destroy your good name on the internet.  If Reputation Defenders, which seems to have established a good reputation already, can aid in that effort, it is worth every penny.


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