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June 17, 2007

"Tip of the Week" - Get your Free 67 Minute Audio Course on Using MySpace as a Business Tool

We've talked about using MySpace as a marketing tool, MySpace being the first type of social media network out there.  Now the lovely ladies at the Blog Squad through their mentor, Tom Antion, are offering you a free 67 minute audio course on using MySpace as a business tool.  These women really know their blogging and now you, too, can learn free of charge how to utilize MySpace if  you determine MySpace is the right marketing vehicle for you.

Here is the invitation with instructions on what to do:

I'm going to show you how to grab business income
legitimately from a site that isn't "supposed" to
be about business.
If you read my Next Level Biz Tips blog, you'll
know I've been experimenting with MySpace on and
off over the last few months (you can read my
posts here:
Well, our mentor, Tom Antion, has taken it to
another level and recorded a 67-minute audio on
how to use MySpace for business. He's given us
permission to give it to you at no charge.
All you have to do to get this free audio
training is to become "my friend" on
http://www.myspace.com (see below for complete
Not on MySpace? Here's how to sign up:
(It's very quick and easy, so take three minutes
to do this...it will be well worth it).
If you are on MySpace, here's how to get your
business training:
You can either "search" for Denise Wakeman or you
can go directly to:
After you add me as a friend, you will then go
back to my profile
underneath my picture you will see a box that
says "contacting Denise".
Click on "send a message".
Use the subject line "send me my training" and
I'll send you a link to a 67-minute audio file
you can listen to online or download to your
MP3 player or iPod.
Have a little fun this week and learn
something new to boost your business!
Best to you,
Denise and Patsi
The Blog Squad


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