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July 23, 2007

Did You Ever Think of a "Virtual" Business Card?

Thanks to JibberJobber we meet Christopher Penn who took the idea of a business card one step further. He created a 'virtual' business card whereby he uses the standard business card as a tickle and invites them to a specific page on his site fashioned as a more content-rich business card. 

We've talked before about how a business card needs to 'Jolt' the potential client into taking action giving you the opportunity to convert this potential client (PC) into a paying client.

It was also discussed it is your job not so much to hand out business cards but to collect business cards and information on PCs so you can follow up.  This is your responsibility as you cannot control what others do with your business card but you can control what you do with theirs.

The only conceivable way I can imagine using this concept is after you've given someone your business card, and you have collected their information first and foremost, you send them an e-mail with your actual 'virtual' business card which contains the picutre reminding them of your meeting picture to help them make the connection and giving them the real lowdown on the services you can provide to them, all the information you couldn't possibly include or want to include in your conversation with the potential client or on your business card.  Otherwise, if you just direct them to your URL via your business card this is no different then sending them to your About Page on your Website/Blog.

In the e-mail ask them to bookmark the website/blog because you are continually updating the site with valuable information they may find useful and ask permission to e-mail them periodic updates via an application in the body of the e-mail which allows them to agree.

It's an interesting seed of an idea and one when used properly could be quite effective.  Anyone have ideas to take this further?


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Bryan Person, Connected Worker

Great extension of Chris's idea, Susan. And if Chris is smart -- which he is -- then he's also not depending on others to contact him, but he's making sure to initiate the follow-up himself.

And if he links to his virtual business card in that follow-up, the recipient will have a pretty good idea of who Chris is and what he does.

I also reviewed Chris's efforts on my blog: http://www.connectedworker.com/2007/07/23/a-business-card-that-will-catch-your-attention/

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