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July 07, 2007

Is Your Blog Rated For a General Audience?

Thanks to Stephanie West Allen at Idealawg we can now rate our sites for public consumption. 

I got a PG because I've used the words 'kill' 5 times and 'pain' 2 times.  But I have to laugh at Carolyn Elefant's MyShingle.   Her site is rated PG for using the word 'crack' once.  Are you suitable for children under 17?


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Bob Kraft

Susan, my blog at www.pissd.com got a PG rating because I have the word "dangerous" in there three times. It's pretty hard for a personal injury lawyer not to warn people about what actions or products might be dangerous...

Bob Kraft

Susan Cartier Liebel


That's why I find this site so amusing...it is mindless of the context in which a word is used. Why should 'dangerous' in and of itself be considered a PG word? There are toddler books with the word 'dangerous' in it to teach children about dangers! Again, just good fun!

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