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July 01, 2007

"Tip of the Week" - Real Inspiration Begins With Passion - Pursue the Passion

(UPDATE:  7/3/07 - Read an interview at the Blog Herald with the Pursue the Passion boys.)

Anastasia of the the unique and engaging Lawsagna introduces us to a blog that is truly inspirational, "Pursue the Passion."

If you need inspiration in your life, check out Pursue the Passion.  Here’s what the creators of the project say about it:

Half the American work force is not satisfied with their job, and only a fifth apply a passion towards their career. As this trend trickles to students entering the working world, people continue to pursue a path that leads them further from their true dreams.

“Pursue the Passion started as a group of three recent college grads who embarked on cross country roadtrips to interview passionate professionals about their career paths. We created this site because we felt that others could benefit from these interviews, and use them to determine a direction to take their careers.”

What they have really done is created an amazing literary adventure that is getting sponsored by many companies as they trek across the country meeting enlightened people from every walk of life who inspire you and encourage you to not forget where passion lives.  Read their e-book "Timeless Advice" based upon their first three month cross country trek in 2006."

It is very difficult to pursue your passions when you feel overwhelmed by your life, the choices you have made or have yet to make, the family considerations you have an obligation to honor, the debt that threatens to swallow you whole and professional pressure to follow the herd.  The pilot light is dimmed.  The passions are put aside. And yet, what happens when you have a quiet moment to fantasize?  You know.  You've won the lottery, or you are 25, again.  Or you are on that trip around the world.  Or you are painting, writing poetry, sailing, volunteering.  It doesn't matter what you are doing.  What matters is how you are feeling when you think about what you want to do.  Pursue the Passion tells you stories about people who have this satisfied, excited feeling every day in their working lives. They know life isn't just good.  It is grand.  They feel it in their heart...because that is where passion lives.

Well, you can have this in your professional life, too.  Without question it takes guts to go out on your own and become a solo practitioner.   And there are unique challenges, both psychological and financial that must be faced.  And you will pay your dues.  But with great 'risk' comes great reward and it isn't always in dollars. If going solo and being your own boss is your passion then be inspired by those interviewed on Pursue the Passion.  And then be inspired by other solos who are following their passion. The blogosphere is full of great stories, intimate and honest, including those starting the journey under a cloak of anonymity, Dreams of a Solo and Practical Lawyering. 

As someone told me on the day I married, "always ride the roller coaster, never the merry go round.  It's much more exciting!"  And she was right.

And I have an exciting update. I've just been informed I will be interviewed by the Pursue the Passion team on September 10, 2007 when they drive from Boston to New York.  Apparently they believe me to be very passionate about what I do, teaching law students to think outside the box and helping lawyers become entrepreneurs.  Well, they've got that right! I am passionate about what I do.


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