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August 09, 2007

A Divergence: The W-List - Introducing You to Outstanding Women Bloggers

I was pleasantly surprised and flattered to find I was included in a grouping called the W-List - Outstanding Women Bloggers.  Read the original post highlighted previously so you can better understand the origins and motivations. And the read the comments after as well as the post after which further explains the motivations, concerns and triumphs.

"Are there truly 5+ to 1 men bloggers to women bloggers? Why should we care?

We should care because women are great at conversation, strategy, and writing. We should care for the same reason that no one should be overlooked."

So with that the W-list was born.  I am posting it not to say 'look at me.'  I'm posting it because we talk about the power of blogging as a marketing tool for our solo practices but fail to show examples of their power.  While these bloggers are not discussing law (yes, there is a HUGE blogging universe outside the legal profession) it introduces you to the tremendous power of blogging and the value of relationship-building to increase visibility and profits.  Lawyers need to learn from all sources. (If everyone is swimming in the same pool of information the water can get pretty murky!) And I wanted to bring this list of oustanding blogs to you so you can incorporate ideas, strategies and philosphies to enrich your professional blogging experience and/or validate what you already know and are successfully doing.

And, we are free to add other Outstanding Women Bloggers. Therefore, no list of this nature could ever be complete if it didn't include Carolyn Elefant of MyShngle who was blogging years before anyone on this list even knew what a blog was.  Here's to you, Carolyn.  So, check out these great links.

The W-List: Gathering a List of Outstanding Women Bloggers


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Valeria Maltoni

Well, as Liz writes in her blog, the list was not exactly created by her although she is a powerful spreader of ideas ;-)

Glad to read it tickled you enough to spread the word.

Rebecca Thorman

Thank you for publishing the list; I'm honored to be part of such a fun and inspiring project! Looking forward to getting to know other bloggers.


thanks so much for the mention, susan.
cheers, anne


I am visiting every wonderful woman on the list! You've written a terrific post. Congratulations to you on making the list!


I'm thrilled to see you made that list. I've recently discovered your blog, and I must agree that your work is fantastic.

I'm a chronically ill chic who is trying to balance my health and career by putting a toe into the solo practice water, and your blog has been an invaluable source of information and inspiration for me.

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