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August 24, 2007

How Blogging About What You Love (Personally) Can Get You Clients

Michael Keenan is a very successful trusts and estates and elder care lawyer in Glastonbury, Connecticut who recently started blogging.  He started blogging several months after he created a more expensive static web presence.  He didn't think he had the time to blog which is why he went to a static site first.

Michael has fallen in love with blogging.  So he did the natural thing, started blogging about another interest he has, running.  He created the Glastonbury Running blog.  Little did he realize in doing so his running blog would get more hits then his professional blog.  Because they are linked he gets a tremendous amount of business from people who, first, find him and then relate to him as a runner.  And because he talks about running in his home town, he is attracting the very clients he wants...plus making a tremendous amount of friends.


Just writing to share a quick story from my tiny corner of the blogosphere that I thought you’d get a kick out of. 

As you know, I launched my CT Elder Law Blog on 5/1 and I have been posting at least once a day.  Well, I was enjoying it so much that I launched my “recreational “ blog a week later called Glastonbury Running with the intention of posting maybe 2 or 3 times a week.  Just a laid-back blog with training tips, thoughts on running, local news of interest to runners, etc.  I felt that after 20 years of competitive running I could speak with authority on the subject.

Well, the recreational blog has become a bit less recreational.  Right now the running blog is well ahead of the legal blog in regards to total views even though the legal blog got a 1-week head-start.  And the running blog is generating comments and e-mails from readers while I am yet to receive a single comment or e-mail from my legal blog.  Best of all, the running blog has actually generated 3 new clients so far (the legal bog has generated 5).  These are runners who have enjoyed reading the blog and then decided to take a peak at my legal website and blog (links for both are near the top of the left-hand column) and found that I specialize in a legal service that they currently need.  And they were happy to meet with me because we share a passion for running.

Now I’m posting on both blogs daily.  This is about a 30 to 40-minute investment of time each day, but in light of the amount of new business it has generated so far, I think it’s been well worth it.  And since I’m an English major, the concept of drafting something, clicking a button and having my writing published for the world to see on a daily basis is very appealing!

So, thanks for turning me onto blogging!  I hope all is well.

Michael J. Keenan, Esq.
Keenan Law, LLC
Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs Trusts and Probate
2389 Main Street
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Phone: (860) 659-5585
Cell: (860) 597-3232
Fax: (860) 760-6350
E-Mail: michael@keenan-law.com
Please visit the
Keenan Law, LLC Website and The Connecticut Elder Law Blog

This is an excellent example of intertwining your professional and personal life when designing your solo practice.  Michael is doing nothing different but living his life as he always has.  He just capitalizes on what he loves, running marathons.  He is not creating some grandiose marketing plan that is outside of his comfort zone and which he would be unable to maintain personally or financially.  It's a marketing plan whereby he stays true to himself and his short and long term professional and personal goals.

Granted, his practice area lends itself to more homegrown community business which, say, trademark law or environmental disaster law would not.  But you should consider taking blogging to the next level if you enjoy the experience of relationship building on the internet as it can bring unexpected financial and psychological benefits your way.

Have you done something similar you would like to share?  Would love to hear.


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Vincent van Wylick

Thanks for writing this and I completely agree. After blogging on tech for two years or so, I finally started a blog dedicated to writing about the topic I really care about: setting up an entertainment venue. It's slow to start, but I'm already noticing the difference—tons of future topics in my head and a motivation to explore and do something in the industry. And because it's a passion, it makes researching and blogging about it a real pleasure, sort of like breathing.


I have had similar results as well. Really it should be no surprise; people like to do business with people. The great thing about a personal blog is it allows others to discover your passions -- which at the end of the day drives your work habits as well.


There are so many benefits that go along with blogging for your small (or big) business. I strongly believe that you must make the time. Benefits of business blogging include;

* Establish Expertise
* Build Customer Relationships
* Low-cost PR
* Build communities
* Test your ideas/products
* Higher search engine ranking

I currently run a blog at www.onehalfamazing.com focusing on e-marketing, branding, PR, social media and web design for your small business.


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