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August 21, 2007

Some Solos Gaining Global Exposure Through Second Life

While some solo practitioners haven't even started blogging, missing this incredible opportunity to gain authority and clients, other solo practitioners are getting business through Second Life, creating storefronts for international exposure...with help of course.

Evanston attorney Omar Khuri plans to get in on the Second Life craze, opening a law office in the Internet-based virtual world to reach people from around the globe who might need a visa or legal help with other immigration issues.

Bizarre as the concept first seemed to him, Khuri now sees real business potential in posing as an avatar called Ettorney Stapleton and assisting clients 24/7 thanks to the help of Evanston-based Simuality, a six-month-old Evanston start-up serving Second Life firms.

"Now it's so obvious," said Khuri, who this month created a discussion group on Second Life called "U.S. Immigration."

It's a whole new virtual world out there but solo practitioners can compete on a global level like never before.  (Article)  There are over 9 million residents.  But like blogging only a little over 1 million are active.  There are many business and educational opportunities available and it does look very interesting. 

If others have experience with Second Life, please share.


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Nobody Fugazi

I have been noticing an increased presence in solo lawyers within Second Life. However, with the exception of one, all are from the United States. That is odd considering the demographics of Second Life - and that may change.

It might be interesting to consider international networks of individuals in this regard.

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