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September 04, 2007

My Blogging Toast is Burnt. My Blogging Egg is Fried. I'm Going Out to a Non-Blogging Lunch.

It's finally happened.  My toast is burnt.  My egg is fried.  I'm going out to lunch.  What that really means is I'm taking a few days break from blogging.  So, I'm not even putting anything in the hopper to post while I'm away. (I think.)  I am simply bleary-eyed from the computer, my fingers won't cooperate and my brain keeps saying, "you need some R & R."  So, I am obeying my inner mental health guru and taking a few days away.  But I'm also going to cheat a little for your benefit.

While I'm hypothetically 'gone', please click over to all these great and informative sites geared towards your reason for being - The Client.  What About Clients? published a terrific series called The 12 Rules of Client Service in April, 2006.  It is a very worthwhile read and will educate or (re)-educate you on your raison d'etre.

Jim Hassett over at Legal Business Development posts a very valuable list of 24 questions on how to cultivate your existing client base.  We tend to neglect those we have already served, fail to canvas them to see if they are leaving as clients who will continue to bring us their legal matters as well as refer others because of the stellar job we have done...or are leaving for good, never to refer because of the unspoken issue(s) we didn't take the time to address...but who are sure to tell others what we failed to uncover.  It should be a 'must' reading because when we don't leverage our current client base we are losing money and 'goodwill' capital which helps us to grow our client base exponentially.  It is a terrible waste of all the work and money you have already invested to get the original client.

And for you amusement, here is a funny video mocking law firms inability to understand the value of legal marketing (from a Big Law perspective.)

But what you should take away from this video is as a solo/small firm practitioner, marketing should be a habit, like brushing your teeth, eating breakfast...part of your daily routine. And as your own chief marketing officer, you only have to listen to yourself and take action.  It is also a reason why you need to understand the importance of branding.

And if you need direction consider more and more people are taking advice from coaches of every stripe and color; life coaches, health coaches, work/life balance coaches, professional coaches, transition coaches and on and on.  In this spirit, Seth Godin asks a great question, "Are you Coachable?"

And to conclude with a "Tip of the Week" in case I'm not back by next Sunday...remember this: 

You will always have bills and familial obligations.  This will not change.  The key to happiness, therefore, is working in a way that is both fulfilling and enjoyable while you continue to pay these bills and meet these familial obligations.

Hopefully this will give you food for thought and give me a chance to regroup.  I will be posting comments answering my e-mails when my fingers decide to cooperate....and, of course, working with my clients; clients first, always.

See you soon.


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Kevin OKeefe

Heck Susan, if you're taking a break at 62% addicted, what am I supposed to do at 82%? ;)

Chuck Newton

As they say in Texas, "Stick a fork in me, I'm done."

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