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September 13, 2007

How Much Does Your Commute Really Cost You???

If you calculated the hours you spend commuting, the actual commutation costs, auto maintenance, insurance, parking, gas..the hours you lose doing something else that is profitable or which makes hefty deposits in your other psychological bank accounts like family, pleasure travel, is your BigLaw job or the current way you run your solo practice the cash equivalent of working at McDonalds?

This is the question asked by Tim Ferriss of the '4-Hour Work Week' which discusses the New Rich, those with freedom of time while building their business.  While he espouses many different working philosophies which flies in the face of second wave thinking...read this terrific post called, "How Much Does Your Commute Really Cost You?  Calculate it..then Kill it."

I know I have reaped numerous benefits by making the decision to create a home-based business.  But it was my personal choice as I did serious calculations, weighing, then re-weighing all of the goals I was trying to achieve.  Creating a solo practice from my home from 2000- 2007 was the only satisfying and profitable choice on many levels.  Continuing my coaching/consulting business from home was only natural.

If you sit back and clear out all the noise from the naysayers, those who mean well but muddy your thought processes, shoo away the fears then start blue-skying and designing your perfect work-life balance, well, what do you come up with?  It doesn't have to include a home office.  This choice only works with certain personality types and in certain situations (the desire and discipline of the individual drives this option.)  However, how much time and energy and money do you want to spend commuting to and tethered to a distant environment with fixed overhead costs?   Does this work for you on every level?  What other options exist for you?  These are very important questions that deserve thoughtful answers because when you create your solo practice you have to look past the present and start actively designing your future. 


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