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October 10, 2007

2nd Annual Solo & Small Firm Conference Was a Success

Boy, did I have fun in Philadelphia at the 2nd Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference.  It was great to meet so many wonderful solo lawyers, consultants, students who were so generous with their knowledge and time.  Amazingly absent were egos and attitudes.  Everyone was just looking to share and help and socialize, collegiality perceived as sacrificed when one goes solo. And to a large degree, this is true unless we affiliate with other solos in some structured way.  And how available is that, really?

What made it even more interesting was many were Solosezzers, that wonderful watercooler listserv which has a global reach, serving the solo practitioner community in a way unlike anything else.  The panels, which satisfy CLE credit, were informative and stimulating and you walked away with a wealth of information.

So, for some of those great people I met....

Paramjit Mahli, Sun Communications Group

Allison Shields, Legal Ease Consulting

Ross Kodner, Ross Ipsa Loquitor

Nerino Petro, Compujurist

Carolyn Elefant, MyShingle

Lisa Solomon, Legal Research & Writing Pro, The Billable Hour

Deborah Matthews

Sasha Golden  (Of thousands of Solosezzers, she can claim being #200)

Duke Drouillard  (The Marlboro Man)

Jim Calloway  (We didn't get a chance to talk at length but he's a legend....)

David Kaufman  (Wearing shades the whole time due to an sudden eye infection!)

Elio Martinez, Concepcion Sexton & Martinez

There were clearly more but these folks left their mark on me.  I've met some of the above before, but seeing them, again, is always a treat.

If you have thoughts of going solo or are solo, you should strongly consider attending the 3rd Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference which I believe will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico next year.

And for those who wanted pictures.....


Allison Shields, Paramjit Mahli, Lisa Solomon

New_image Me, Allison Shields, Paramjit Mahli

Dsc00038_2 Me, Carolyn Elefant


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Grant Griffiths

WOW!!! I have to make it next year. Looks you all had a great time.

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