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October 14, 2007

"Tip of the Week" - Update Your Contact List With One Click

I left the 2nd Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference with so much information from the tech gurus I had to share some of the neat little tips and programs they shared which hopefully will make your life easier.

So, here goes. If you are like almost everyone else you never have time to enter your contact information into your electronic contact files.  Well, with this nifty little program you can no longer have any excuse.  GetAnagram is this terrifc little program whereby all you have to do is highlight your contact information from ANY electronic document and with 98% accuracy and one click it will intuitively turn it into a proper contact entry filling in all the fields correctly.

That's right.  Pull the information off a brief, a menu, a scanned in business card, the signature block on an e-mail...highlight and click and your address book will be completed with the contact information.  No more time consuming copying and pasting and/or manually typing in each field.

There is a free 45 day trial and then the program is only $29.95.  Everyone was calling it a G-dsend.  I have no doubt because of all the time you will save...and actually update your contact file.  Enjoy!

(And by the way, it works not just for contacts but for appointments, tasks and notes, too!)


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