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October 28, 2007

"Tip of the Week" - Back Up Your Blog!

This week I realized I've never backed up my blog with nearly a year of content and hard work (435 posts!)because, quite frankly, I never thought about it.  Now I realize this is no longer an option. 

  • If you have a content-rich, resource-rich web presence, back it up.
  • If your blog represents your major internet presence, back it up.
  • If you blog is your primary marketing tool, back it up.
  • If you use your blog as your personal legal research library filled with cases and more, back it up;
  • If you plan on writing a book from all your e-zine type articles you've posted, back it up!

If you use Typepad like I do, here is a series of instructional videos on how to back up your site from Flyte.

If you use another blogging platform or host, inquire as to the best method for backing up.  You'll be glad you did.


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Grant Griffiths

Great advice Susan. We back up our Wordpress blogs weekly in two locations. Harddrive and to a 3 gen iPod.

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