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November 19, 2007

Detroit Mercy School of Law Says, "We Care What the Students Want" and Apparently Big Law is Thrilled, Too

On the heels of my last post, soon to be lawyer Sarah at Learning Curve introduces us to the following article:

You may find this Detroit News article interesting regarding the University of Detroit Mercy's recent implementation of a new curriculum at their law school.

You can also view info about the new curriculum on their website.

And my very eloquent friend, Chuck Newton, has written a terrific explanatory piece as follow up which takes the conversation further. 

This type of story, this proactive approach by a law school which has openly turned its back on US News gives me hope. Is this the law school I described in my previous post?

Someone has to break free from the pack...decide to ground themselves in common sense, care about what their students want while still meeting their doctrinal obligations.  And in turn this law school has discovered it is what potential employers want, too. But the added bonus, if you don't want to work for another, you are equipped to go out on your own!

My hat is off to Detroit Mercy School of Law.

(And please read some very astute comments to my previous post from students and new lawyers, alike.)


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Hi Susan,
I am attending the University of North Dakota School of Law. It's a very good school with the smallest faculty in the country and we all know each other. Of course being such a small school, and the only law school in the state, has drawbacks. Just last month we had to miss an hour of class and make it up on a friday so we could meet the North Dakota Supreme Court Justices. They were hearing cases in the courtroom on the third floor of the law school that day. Poor us!!! I guess we are trying to keep this place a secret.

We have faculty here from Harvard, Tulane, William and Mary, Hofstra, etc, and each and every one of these people are outstanding. What you get is a very small school where all of the professors are very interested in how you turn out and whether you understand the material. The treatment is very personal. This is a place where I won't mind donating my money when I am established as a lawyer.

So that's what you get when you shop for law schools. Sometimes you find exactly what you want, and if it's a T4 school then that's the way it is.

Thanks for writing your blog posts. I have liked all of them.

Susan Cartier Liebel

It sounds like T in T4 should stand for "Terrific." And your attitude about your school and the experiences you are getting there are refreshing given the school has to wear the obligatory scarlett 'T4.'

I'll be very happy to follow your progress once you pass the bar!

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