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November 14, 2007

Build A Solo Practice Blog Turns 1 Year Old - I Have a Present For You!

I was wracking my brains trying to find a way first, to fathom I've been blogging one year and second, to celebrate in a meaningful way.  So this celebration is three-fold.

First, I realized it was time to have an extreme blog makeover.  What do you think?

Second, I've decided to re-post my very first post to see if I have stayed true to my mission:

This Blog's Reason For Being
The purpose of this blog is very simple: to encourage you to start your own law practice, whether right out of law school or twenty years after Big Law.

Opening your own law practice today is not technically hard or expensive. However, it is psychologically daunting because we have been brainwashed from the minute we enter law school to believe we shouldn't and/or can't possibly do it.  And if we voice a desire to strike out on our own our closest circle acts like frogs hovering over a pit. The naysayers, however well intended, are projecting their personal fears upon you.  You need to deflect the negativity and believe in your desires and goals.

I have encouraged countless students to "hang a shingle" and they have been very successful whether right out a law school or shortly thereafter. And for those who've chosen to defect from Big Law, I have helped them escape under the barbed wire with nary a scratch. Then there are those who've already braved the frontier but aren't quite cultivating the land properly.  I've helped these Pilgrims bring in a much greater harvest.

The core reason for this blog is to excite you about becoming an entrepreneur.  And my personal promise to you is to fill this blog post after post with timely, practical, inspiring and thoughtful information from a fresh perspective.  If there are topics you would like discussed, let me know.  This is an interactive site, only effective if law students and lawyers like yourself help to create productive dialog and commentary that benefits every visitor to this site.

I look forward to sharing with you.

After nearly 500 posts (and almost as many comments), I hope I have started to live up to my promise for this blog. I welcome your feedback.  Please let me know how I can improve this blog.  Are there topics you would like to see covered?  Questions answered on this blog or personally via e-mail?  I'm here.

Third, I wanted to take my passion for helping those who wish to go solo to the next level by introducing the Solo Practice University E-zine, a FREE newsletter to help you to and through solo practice.   The content will be driven by you, your questions and your status, law student, new lawyer or lawyer 3+ years.  Think of it as a 'post' post-graduate degree. So, feel free to register for classes starting soon!   You can do so in the right hand column.

Get the business education you wish law school had delivered...no tuition, no student loans. This is my birthday present to you!


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Grant D. Griiffiths

Congrats Susan. I love the new design and features. Keep up the great work you do. And I look forward to the next 500 post.

Susan Cartier Liebel

Thanks, Grant. Given I just celebrated my personal birthday this week, too, it's a double celebration!

Carolyn Elefant

Happy Birthday, Susan! I love the idea of Solo Practice University and the new facelift.

Kambo Mwangi

Congratulations Susan! Thanks for a wonderful blog - it is inspirational and filled with practical tips.

Susan Cartier Liebel

Kambo and Carolyn,

Thank you for your shows of support. Both of you have been frequent commenters on this blog and it is much appreciated. Here is to another year filled with lively 'conversations!'

Cullen Geisler


Congratulations on the one year anniversary of your blog. I absolutely love it as a young solo and member of your Passed the Bar Hung a Shingle. I check it every day and appreciate the advice you give and the advice you have given me regarding my blog and website.

On a side note my sister is about to graduate as a Dentist in May and they have an actual class as part of their curriculum where they teach practice management and how to run their practices as businesses. My law school didn't give us any of that info and I feel whether your big or small law a basic course teaching you about being a lawyer and attempting to make a quality of living is needed and refreshing.

As a young solo thank you for your blog!

Cullen Geisler

Nathan Dosch


I could not be happier for you. Congratulations on the 1st anniversary of this blog, your personal birthday, and the new site design. Best wishes and continued success. Thank you for all of your insight and advice. You have been a real blessing to this former soon-to-be solo.


Congratulations on the one year anniversary! Thank you for your inspiration and practical wisdom. And I love the new look of your blog!

Sandy Slaga

Susan, congratulations! The new design is beautiful. You've inspired me to hang my shingle after a 7 year absence from law for family reasons. Earlier this year, I thought I couldn't do it. Thanks to the inspiration and encouragement of you and others, I've done it. Here's to the next 500 posts!

Susan Cartier Liebel

Sandy, Anastasia, Nathan...

Thank you! Every once in a great while just hearing the words, 'thanks for a great job' feels really good. I hope to continue giving you the inspiration and information you want.

Kira Fonteneau

Congratulations Susan! The new blawg looks good. Many Happy Returns.

David Stejkowski

Congratulations! While I am not a frequent commenter here, your blog is on my daily must-read list. May you have many more successes in the future!

Stephen M. Worrall

Susan, Congratulations on this milestone and on a great blog for solos. I love the new look!

Susan Cartier Liebel

Stephen, David and Kira...

Thanks for all the support. I'm kinda digging the new design, too!

Chuck Newton

WOW!!!! I get distracted for a little while and you go and change your look and feel. It is really great.

Chris McKinney

Susan - Many Congratulations! The blogosphere is better b/c you are in it. Take care.

Larry Brown

Congratulations! Your site is a great source of information and ideas. Love the new design as well. Keep up the great work for many years to come.

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