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December 30, 2007

"Tip of the Week" - Need Help Meeting Blogging Goals? Get a Blogging Buddy.

217721272_47bde7fd841 I came across this article in Kiplinger which talked about how one young man overcame his debt by blogging and had blogging buddies who encouraged him to stick to his debt-reduction resolutions.

It reminded me how often those who wish to lose weight or stick to an exercise regime often seem to do better with support from a friend or relative when trying to achieve their health goals.

This got me to thinking about the common challenges bloggers face, fear they will not be able to make the commitment and be disciplined enough in order to achieve any meaningful success for their efforts.  So, why not get a blogging buddy?

How would it work?  Each of you commit to a certain number of posts per week and keep each other on track.  You can find interesting articles or tidbits to send each other's way to inspire them with related practice areas topics. Guest post on each other's sites. You may even expand this to a blogging club among your fellow solos friends, each in different areas of practice. But you keep to a schedule which includes encouragement and accountability until it becomes second nature for you to blog and you start to see a result for your efforts.

There is nothing more exciting then converting your first client from your web presence and being able to tell someone about it.  I know I have a special buddy or two and we share our excitement when we know we've connected in a meaningful way with our intended audience.  It's a satisfaction like no other.

And if you already do this or plan to do so, please let me know.  Would love to know your experience.


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