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January 14, 2008

Blawg Review Nominations

As today was my first time ever hosting Blawg Review, I didn't realize I was eligible to vote until the illustrious Ed. (editor) said I was.  Given how much time I put into Blawg Review #142 I can now appreciate that which I didn't fully before.  It's an honor and hard work.

So, I appreciate more fully the labors of all those who have done this before me....and here are my nominations before the close of the day:

Blawg Review #110 - Norman Fernandez, a Tribute To "Memorial Day"

Blawg Review #127 - Anne Reed, Deliberations - "17 Tips for Voir Dire"

Blawg Review #134 - Eric Turkewitz, The New York City Marathon

Blawg Review #137 - Colin Samuels, Dante's Divine Comedy - Paradiso

Enjoy visiting for the first time if you haven't already enjoyed.


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