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January 09, 2008

I'm Hosting Blawg Review #142 - Join the Fun

Well, it's finally my turn to host Blawg Review January 14, 2008 and I'm ridiculously nervous.  Ed. said, 'drugs and alcohol.'  Well, I'm a chocolate and Diet Coke kinda girl. There are those who abhor a theme but you may like this one and want to participate with your submission.

Some have been after me for a while to construct a "Letter to a New Lawyer" giving them advice, wisdom, perspective.  That's a tall order because I don't presume to have any perspective but my own.  So, here is the challenge.  I will be writing that letter as a Blawg Review and am seeking submissions this week which discuss your experiences (not just from solos, either, even though I've been dubbed the solo-centric champion of solos!)  This Blawg Review is for everyone in every aspect of practice.  You can be a BigLaw lawyer, a law student, retired, solo, professor, judge, career counselor, jury consultant, public defender, legal aid, marketing guru, mediation consultant, etc.

There are many gifted blawgers who have opinions about their experiences and would like to share them.  Your posts can be about your area of law, great cases, marketing, ethics, law school, BigLaw, going solo, work/life balance, blogging, education, anything as long as it takes the form of wisdom and advice you would legitimately pass on to a new lawyer seeking your counsel.

Together we will hopefully construct an amazing 'Letter to a New Lawyer."  (I do not promise to include every submission because it may be cumbersome and I will have another secondary theme going on.)

I hope you will join me for this Blawg Review #142

You can enter your submissions here:  Try to get them done sooner rather than later as submission deadline is Saturday, January 12th.  Thanks.


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