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January 06, 2008

"Tip of the Week" (II) - How Creativity Will Save the (Legal Marketing) World

While scouring the blawgosphere for my upcoming turn as host of Blawg Review, January 14th, I found a buried gem that needs to be brought to the surface today.  I say buried because the last time the author posted to the site was more than a year ago so not quite appropriate for Blawg Review. So, I am bringing you "Creativity."

It was a bold two-page concept ad for MEGABLOKS in the front signature of the New York Times magazine.

Once upon a time, there lived a creature named Creativity.

When Creativity was young, he was allowed to explore the farthest reaches of his imagination. No one told him what noise his train was supposed to make.  So he made it sound like a cockatoo.

And nobody told him that his dragon was scary.  So he had it over for pizza.

Then once day, when Creativity was all grown up, people throughout the land turned to him for inspiration in good times and bad.

All the world rallied around Creativity to solve their most confounding problems. And that's how creativity saved the world.Mega_1

So often we are trapped in what others tell us we can and cannot do in relationship to how we work, how we promote our work, other people's images of us and every manner of creative restraint, our natural inquisitiveness is quashed.  Occasionally, I have to remind my husband not to tell my son 'how to do it' because my son sees through fresh, untainted, unsocialized eyes and I want to learn from him how he chooses to do something.  I want him always to say, 'me do' even though I think I know better.  As long as he isn't going to injure himself or others he should be free to say, 'me do' and do it.  (My mother told me I did that at 10 months...grabbed the fork from her hand and said, 'me do' in an attempt to feed myself.  I still have the holes in my forehead...only kidding!)

It's no different in Legal Marketing or building of a practice.  Just tell me definitely what is a violation of the rules which will get me disbarred.  Otherwise, let me be free to construct my universe, my marketing world.  Let me have my legal megablocks and play.  It's my right and privilege as long as no one is harmed and I'm comfortable.  It's my sandbox. And this is the attitude you should have, too.  Pick your mentors carefully who let you say, 'me do' and make sure you don't hurt yourself or others.  But outside of that, start inviting dragons over for pizza.  And if the train you build sounds like a cockatoo, that's okay in my book.  If it gets you the clients you want, allows you to pay the bills, makes you sing when you go to work, who's better than you.  Start building!


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Vicky Virtual Assistant

Hi: I found your blog through Home Office Warrior. I really enjoyed this post. I homeschooled my kids for years and believed the same thing about creativity. A lot of what I do in my virtual office business is about finding creative solutions to my clients requests. Thanks for digging it out.

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