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January 20, 2008

"Tip of the Week" - Using Self-Publishing as a Marketing Tool

Imagine handing your new client a book authored and published by you explaining to them everything they need to know about the legal process for personal injury, divorce, medical malpractice, criminal defense work, bankruptcy and including resources for emotional support, suggested reading materials, court locations and more. It contains whatever you deem appropriate for your practice area and instructive in how you deal with your clients.

Use self-publishing as a marketing tool. In one fell swoop (and for as low as $12.95) you can impress your clients with your expertise, give them an informative publication you authored to assist them in helping you to represent them, and a keepsake marketing tool to be shared by your client with others.

Some Lawyers refer clients to their website or print instructions sheets on copy paper.  But if someone has given you thousands in a retainer or hired you for a large contingency or criminal matter, you can invest a few dollars in a marketing tool which can be very unique and highly stylized and will help your attorney/client relationship.  It also enhances your expertise by creating a tangible marketing tool which can be passed on to others potential clients or referrer of clients.

There are three popular self-publishing sites out there I've uncovered:  Lulu, Blurb, Createspace.  These three seem the easiest and least expensive and all allow you to publish on as needed basis just one at a time.

And because you can publish just one at a time, this allows you to update information to your manuscript as laws change, procedures change.  It's pretty terrific.

If you do this already, please share.  If you decide to self-publish in the future, please come back and let us know how it worked out for you.


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Brilliant suggestion.

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