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February 03, 2008

"Tip of the Week" - AceProject takes on Basecamp and Wins

Progressive solos and brand new solos who are taking the concept of a paperless office seriously have been learning about, transitioning to, or starting from the beginning with web-based management software.  The name you will hear, at least the name I've been hearing most, is Basecamp.

Well there is a new kid on the block (actually been around a while but has become much more user friendly) and that kid is AceProject.  And if you are familiar with some of the big boys, Wrike, OnStage, and @Task, web-based management software used by very large businesses, they all seem to be recommending AceProject over Basecamp for smaller businesses.

And for those who don't know the benefits of web-based management software in a law practice it gives you:

  1. flexibilty and security of not having paper files,
  2. allows you to create and share projects on line (securely),
  3. clients can have 24/7 password protected access to their files eliminating those telephone calls such as 'just wanting an update' ,
  4. if you are unable to get to the office or your office is destroyed you will be up and running from any computer. 

Another major consideration is their customer service.  While the service is very intuitive, they offer excellent customer support, use videos to teach you how to use the service, as well as offer live chat.  This is huge when considering making a transition to paperless.  You want to be sure you have minimal frustration as your first priority is practicing law.  It helps you get over the intimidation factor.

This just gives you a very small taste of the benefits.  So, if you are considering going paperless or even if you already are paperless but are looking to upgrade, check out AceProject, too.


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David Little

Your post couldn't have come at a better time. I was just looking at Basecamp today, as it was recommended by my web designer. I looked at the two, and I think Basecamp has the edge. It has more storage included in its pricing, its calendar application supports ical (I couldn't tell whether Ace did), and the interface is more elegant. My final decision is still months away, but I am glad to see that these applications are being used by other attorneys. Thanks for the post!


Actually I'm tracking my projects in Wrike and I have a small business of my own. It's pretty easy to use and it is very flexible. I love timeline feature! By the way Basecamp does not have it.


Great post. The benefits of PPM to a law practice are huge. Like you mentioned in your article, @task is one of the "big boys," and that's because of all we offer. Our latest version has a capacity planner and interactive gantt charts to really help individuals visualize time tables.

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