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February 29, 2008

When You Get Derailed - How to Get 'Railed', Again

It happens to us all.  We get overwhelmed, undernourished (not underfed), anxiety-ridden about the world Artshow0071 and our future in it and our best marketing efforts and business-building goals just fall by the wayside.  But to make it worse, somehow we feel like we can't keep up with those we believe are superstars in their chosen profession, that it would be admitting weakness if we acknowledged there are simply blocks of time when we are not chugging full speed ahead with a blazing smile.  And we fight the idea it is a normal part of our personal and professional ebb and flow; instead we feel like we are failing. 

You may wonder why I'm writing a post like this?  After all when you read all the marketing, consulting blogs as a rule, these consultants never have a bad day, or lack inspiration, or feel like maybe they aren't succeeding in the race.  Common sense should tell you that's not true but seldom will anyone own it.

Well, if you are an entrepreneur wouldn't it be dishonest to say these experiences aren't normal.  We all know they are.  We can't always be on 100% of the time.  I know I certainly can't.  And chances are, neither can you.

So, this post by Wendy Piersall of the Inspired Entrepreneur just drove the point home to me because it is so well written and honest.  She might very well have been peaking in my window these last weeks.  The death of my aunt, the winter weather, being shut up in snow and cold took its toll on me. Sometimes it's just hard to keep shoveling coal in the fire. Sometimes you just need to sit back, take a break and appreciate how far you are advancing towards your goals.  But I'll let Wendy tell her tale:

You know the drill. You put off a task, then feel a little guilty about it. The guilt leads to more procrastination and, suddenly, you have a month-long pile of things to do that are more imposing than ever now that the pile has gotten so huge.

What’s a poor entrepreneur to do?

Get Introspective

My first course of action is always personal. I figure out whether I am letting fears or limiting beliefs get in my way. It does happen sometimes, and unless I work on the intellectual and emotional reasons for my rut, I won’t pull myself out of it. Sometimes it’s not an issue; it’s just life happening. But sometimes there is a bigger fear that needs to be addressed.

Wendy goes on to describe her approach to getting out of the rut and back to productivity:

  • Look Out For Number One
  • Get It Down In Writing
  • Chunk It Down
  • Prune It
  • Build in Accountability and Take Action

Have you ever had days, weeks, months like this, where you know what you have to do for yourself, for your solo practice but you just can't seem to get the motivation or energy to do it?  It's OK. Really.  Welcome to the human race....the operative word being 'race.'


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Paramjit L. Mahli

Insightful blog post, one thing I'd like to add, particularly when one gets in a procrastination mode, think of how much better you will feel after you have completed the task, rather than the process of doing the task. Works absolute wonders!

Susan Cartier Liebel

P, good point. There is nothing like arriving at the other end of the procrastination tunnel victorious!


If that doesn't work you have to keep your eye on the things that you can always count on to keep you moving. Our constant companions, trusty yardstick and guiding lights; fear and hunger.
Where would we be without these good old friends?

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