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May 26, 2008

When BigLaw Marketing Falls On Its BigLaw Face

I picked up a legal paper this week and saw the following advertisement:

Marketing Manager

50-Attorney Firm seeks marketing manager.  This is the senior marketing position in the firm.  Legal or other professional services experience preferred but not required. Full job description is at (website).

I went to the their website.  First, I accidentally transposed two vowels (very common given their name) and I landed on a 'typosquatted' site. (What domains did they purchase?  And if they purchased the URL to avoid typosquatters, why didn't they have the URL automatically forwarded to the operational site? In addition, the site looks like a business site although it is filled with advertising so one might believe it is the actual site.  When the reader realizes it is difficult to find what they want...I'm sure they move on.) Does this law firm really understand about the importance of their internet presence and their need to invest in this to protect themselves?

Then, when I got the law firm name right, what did I find (50 attorney firm, mind you)? The website itself had to have been designed by a not so good designer from last century, difficult to navigate, poorly written with small font size with none of the latest technology and extremely impersonal.  This site was clearly an afterthought because someone convinced them they should do something on the internet. They may be very good at what they do but based upon their web presence you would never know it...nor be inclined to find out.

And they certainly had no blogs.

I felt so bad for them that they could be so poorly represented on the internet (I really did!), I actually contemplated calling them just to give them some free advice.  Then I realized....if there is an independent marketing consultant/firm who works with firms of this size and is capable of converting them from the idea of an in-house marketing manager to outside assistance....e-mail me. The ad appeared just last week so it's fair to say 'the early bird....'  Let's talk.


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I have seen some really horrible examples, but I won't mention any names here :)

Some of the worst ones have one sentence of text on each page with designs that I can't imagine ever looking good, lol

Luckily though, the legal sector seems to be getting more internet savvy and the influx of web design and marketing firms catering to lawyers proves it, not to mention some PPC prices

James Chartrand - Men with Pens

We commonly see this error in Internet presence in our business. MANY people come to us with either no site, a crappy site, or half a site and no provider.

Internet presence matters. It doesn't have to be a big, complex affair full of the latest technology, but it does have to be nice-looking, well built and functional.

And that 50+ firm? We'd be happy to build them a better site that makes a difference in their marketing strategy.

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