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June 01, 2008

"Tip of the Week" - The "Mommy" Business Card

Introducing the 'Mommy' business card. I have always liked the idea of multiple business cards, cards created for different practice areas and utilized when appropriate.  But the truth is the business card is really an outgrowth of what as early as last century was called a 'calling card.'  Let's face it, a formal business card is not always appropriate for all occasions, yet multiple opportunities present themselves to market your services in more subtle ways with the appropriate exchange of information. 

This is why I love the subtle business card for Mommy's (yes, Daddy's, too.)  It is actually quite brilliant because if you are a parent, there are times you want to give information to the parents of your children's playmates without it being your formal business card.  A formal business card doesn't really include the information relevant to the other parent or the occasion.  A business card, under certain circumstances, may also come across the wrong way. And scraps of paper with scribbles get lost..that's if you can find a scrap of paper and pen.

So, in a typical situation when parents are together at a child's little league game, dance recital, meet up at the beach, PTA(O) and you've been asked for your contact information what do you do? It's not necessarily a business networking event.  Why not have a traditional calling card designed for these times which actually pulls double duty: provides the relevant information to the parent while still marketing your business message... but in an appropriate way - a Mommy Card.

What is a Mommy card?  It may be a card which simply states:

  • your name (what people actually call you like Sam instead of Samantha),
  • your spouse's name if appropriate,
  • your child or childrens' names
  • just the town and state (for safety reasons),
  • phone numbers you would want parents to have, and
  • your Business URL (there's the business part!).
  • And important information relevant to your child/children

It is less formal and creative but still sends the subtle message regarding your services in a very unassuming way.  And if you've headed my advice about domain names...your domain name advertises precisely what you do like http://willsforsingleparents.com (nope...not taken.   Someone grab it now!)

Being a mother and having these situations come up all the time I find this very appealing. Yes, there are times I feel funny pulling out my formal business card just to exchange information which certainly never has my home phone number or my husband's or son's name on it...the information parents need when conversing with other paretns.  I still have to find a pen and write the relevant information down on the back.

As a solo practitioner can you see how this could be quite a valuable tool in situations that are more personal or delicate but could definitely be used to cultivate business?


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Tina Hilton

This is an excellent idea. My children are grown, so having my children included on the card wouldn't be applicable, but to have a more 'personal' card with personal contact info and my business url would be. Thank you!


Great idea - I am definitely going to get some mommy cards made up asap! I have three kiddos and often meet up with moms at the park or school and we discuss getting together later but it's hard to get the contact info - I don't even always have my purse with me, let alone a pen and paper! Some mommy cards can tuck into the stroller fine - and it can't hurt to include a little business info on them!

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