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August 06, 2008

Twitter for Small Business - The Solo Practitioner

Over at DuctTape Marketing, John Jantsch has created a very nice Guide to Using Twitter.  While not for lawyers specifically, and definitely not all things Twitter,  it is very worthwhile to read for those who have been toying with the idea of getting on Twitter.  I've written about it before and Grant Griffiths has written a great piece called, "Twitter - the Rules of Engagement".

What's nice about John Jantsch's guide is he addresses a very common statement, 'it's just another time-waster. How is it going to get me business?"

Twitter is a tool.  It doesn't owe you anything. Just like a telephone, it won't get you business but it is a conduit for business if you market correctly.  Understand, media is only social if you engage in it.  Therefore, 'social media' only provides results if you understand its purpose and commit time to 'socializing'  and using it correctly.  Just like any other networking/marketing vehicle, you get back what you put in.

The results I have achieved are measurable.  Traffic, connections I never would have made, faculty for Solo Practice University, quick conversation that doesn't rely upon e-mail or instant messaging.  I'm not sure I use it as well as others but it is helping me achieve certain goals.  If I invest more time.....greater return.

So, check out the Guide; at the very least register on Twitter and protect your name...and if you have noone to follow...follow me and I'll follow you back to get you started. Certainly look at those I'm following to get an idea of some quality connections.

You can find me at:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/scartierliebel

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Laurie/Halo Secretarial

I absolutely love Twitter! As a new businessperson starting out it has gained me my first client and an interview for a publication! I have made many connections and find it adds a grown-up note to my day (filled otherwise with work and 3 kids!!)

Ryan Roberts

I think Twitter is great for legal bloggers. Readers may get turned off by a lot of "personal posts" on your legal blog.

Twitter is less formal than a blog, which is a good thing. If a blog is like a business lunch, Twitter is like a happy hour.

Susan Cartier Liebel

@Ryan - I love your analogy. Twitter is far less formal and you can discuss the best technology as well as your child's recent playdate. Happy Hour it is 24 hours a day!

Emma Jones

Hi Susan

Hope you won't mind us linking to this in a feature we're going to write on Twitter on our home business website at www.enterprisenation.com

I use Twitter and can clearly see the business benefits.

 Susan Cartier Liebel


No, I don't mind at all. Let the world Tweet. It's a very powerful tool and should be part of everyone's social media strategy.

BTW, Grant Griffiths speaks very highly of you :-)

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