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August 31, 2008

""Tip of the Week" - Guest Posting is a Great Way To Market Your Expertise

Guest blogging is a highly viral, free way to publicize your expertise in front of a different yet compatible audience to attract more readers to your own website and hopefully convert those readers into clients or referrers of clients. 

A well written piece can get tremendous mileage on the internet and should not be downplayed because you are writing 'for free'.  That would be a huge mistake.  As a solo, this type of viral marketing of your expertise is a brilliant way to gain tremendous exposure at no cost (except the time it takes to write the guest post and get the gig and then self-promote.)

However, rather than reinvent the wheel I am going to offer you nine links to James Chartrand's (of Men With Pens) great eight part series on the topic because he says it so well.  And there is a bonus link on whether or not you, as a blog author, should accept guest posts on your blog.

  1. Landing a Guest Post Gig
  2. Stacking the Odds in Your Favor
  3. Throwing Away Your Chances of Success
  4.  Feedback Red Flags to Watch Out For
  5. Finding Motivation for Guest Posting
  6. When Guest Posting Overtakes a Blog
  7. Common Guest Posting FAQs
  8. After You Get the Yes to Guest Post
  9. Should You Accept Guest Posts on Your Blog

I personally love guest posts on Build A Solo Practice on relevant topics from knowledgeable individuals providing it benefits my readers, speaks to an important issue facing solos and your claim to knowledge in a given area is credible.

You can check our previous guest bloggers under the category "Guest Posts" as well as "Passed the Bar - Hung a Shingle" and "Confessions & Inspirations", the latter two being inspirational stories of solo practitioners.

Would love your feedback on successes you have had so we can share with others. 

And if you are interested in guest posting, let me know!


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Laurie/Halo Secretarial

I know that I love reading guest posts on my favorite blogs - it helps mix things up a little to keep it fresh and interesting! And I know I was thrilled to have the chance to guest post recently over at Home Office Lawyer! I think accepting guest bloggers can be a win-win situation, giving the blog new material and another blogger exposure to a wider audience.

James Chartrand - Men with Pens

Hey, thanks for linking to us, Susan, and I'm glad you enjoyed the series. Many of our readers were starving for this kind of information and said that they appreciated the in-depth look.

As for whether guest posting works... well, that's one of our biggest marketing methods. And here we are, hm? ;)

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