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August 03, 2008

"Tip of the Week" - Phone Tag (Voicemail to Text)

Finis Price of TechnoEsq turned me on to PhoneTag, a voicemail to text service that eliminates the hassle of having to listen to voicemail.

Phonetag (formerly Simulscribe) simply converts your voicemail to text and lets you 'read' your voicemail on all mobile devices like your Iphone or Blackberry and you can even receive it via your e-mail with both readable text and the audio file attached. It's now integrated into Grand Central, too. 

It's not a free service ($29.95 unlimited, $9.95 for 40 transcriptions or $.35 per message).  But there is a free seven day trial.   Sounds like the best of both worlds to me!


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Gavin Craig

Why is this different than JOTT, which is free? Gavin Craig

Susan Cartier Liebel

@Gavin Jott is for yourself or other Jott members to leave a 30 second reminder or broadcast message w/voice to text, etc..

PhoneTag is for all callers who leave YOU a voice mail w/out being a PhoneTag user. If clients call you and leave a message, you get the benefits of voice-to-text notifications, audio file, etc. to your mobile device or e-mail.

James Siminoff


Thanks for the post, glad to see that you are enjoying the service!

James Siminoff, Founder


Checking voice mail has always been an annoyance for me. It's been my 4th day on phone tag, and can't imagine not having it. I've got to set it up on my office number now. It's so much more efficient than listening to your voice mail, taking notes and calling ppl back. Very nice app!


PS - setting up the service was a little annoying and for cell phones, it's actually easy - unfortunately you may need to deal with your service provider to a) cancel your voice mail and b) forward when no answer to phone tag's number c) set up your voice mail with your phone tag account.

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