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September 05, 2008

5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8c/Award_numeral_5.pngIt's been a long while since I've received a “five things” meme! Jordan Furlong of Law 21 tagged me in his recent post  to continue this game: “The idea is to post links to five great blogs (other than law blogs) on your blawg and tag five of your favorite blawgers to do the same under the post title ‘5 Blogs & 5 Blawgers.’”

Since it's a slow and short work week I thought I would play along. So here are my favorite non-law blogs:

PickTheBrain - A blog on motivation and self-improvement with professional contributions from those who write beautifully and really get their messages across.  Their posts resonate with me on every level as they just make good common sense and provide valuable tools to implement.  I encourage you to put them on your feed.

Men With Pens - James Chartrand is a gifted business writer who really imparts tremendous value when teaching how to copywrite and brand.  I love to write.  I read incessantly.  When I read his work (and Harry's) it is a three-dimensional experience in an otherwise two dimensional internet world.  It reminds me just how powerful the written word is, the artistry of the truly good writers and how we all can paint vivid pictures, even in the business world, to bring our products and services to life which get those clients to pick up the phone and contact us.

Wallet Mouth - "Your wallet is a mouth.  When you spend money, you tell the world how you want it to be."  This blog is all about ways to improve our lives by exposing products and businesses which work against the greater good for people and the planet.  Yeah, I'm a little bit of an environmentalist and against Big Pharma and Big Corporations who put profit before people.  I believe in business, just not business where dollars come before your health or mine as businesses calculate the cost of your life versus making changes necessary to actually save your life.

Diva Marketing Blog - Authored by my friend, Toby Bloomberg, it is a brilliant blog discussing all things social media as she is the social media queen connected to everyone and just a marketing genius.    And on top of that, she is just a warm, genuinely nice person. Enough said.:-)

Home Office Warrior - Authored by my good friend, Grant Griffiths, it explores all the issues facing those who work out of their home.  With 20 million 'lone' wolves, to have one place to go to meet and greet, share and care about others in the same situation regardless the profession, is great.  In addition, most are entrepreneurs...my favorite kind of people!

So, now I tag five other lawyers to share their non-legal internet musings.  And they would be:  Finis Price, Victor Medina, Nicole Black, Anne Reed and Vickie Pynchon.

Enjoy the reading!


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James Chartrand - Men with Pens

Wow, you flatter me! Thank you so much for those compliments - three dimensional is pretty cool :)

Gavin Craig

Great Post! Really a lot to think about. Thanks.


Susan - what a nice way to wind down the week. Thanks for your kind words. Now I'm off to explore a few new blogs!

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