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December 22, 2008

And the Winner of the Free Lifetime Scholarship to Solo Practice University Is....

We recently ran a contest for one free lifetime scholarship to Solo Practice University. Then we let the readers of Build A Solo Practice University decide who should be awarded the scholarship.

And the lucky scholarship recipieint is............Jessice M. with this winning entry:

Well, I knew I didn't qualify for the 100 free scholarships but thank you for giving me another opportunity.

I am currently out two years and know there is only one way for me to practice and that is as a solo.

Why? I currently work at a decent-sized law firm but I see the writing on the wall. While the firm did well when times were good, they are not prepared for times being bad. And times are going to get bad. They have no business sense. Everything is as you have called it 'second wave' and this lack of ingenuity is stifling and job threatening. I can't operate in this type of environment and I know I can do better.

Plus, I want the flexibility. I don't mind working hard or long hours, but I need flexibility. And no one else is going to give me the freedom I require.

After reading about Solo Practice University (which is so sorely needed) I realize this is the perfect environment for me to learn what I need to know to be successful. Just as I need to work on my own, I need to learn as I need to learn, not on another's schedule. And there is no way it would be practical to learn from all this astounding faculty you are lining up. If the first five are any indication of the type of education students will receive it's pretty amazing.

I know going solo isn't easy. I have no illusions. But to make learning 'how' to go solo so comfortable certainly lowers the 'fear' threshold most attorneys I know feel.

Having a scholarship would certainly make this even more possible for me to do.

Well, that's my story. Nothing extraordinary. No missing limbs or poverty. But I sure would like this scholarship.

Thanks for you time and what you are creating. Wow. All I can say is 'Wow.'

And Happy Birthday to Build A Solo Practice and You.

Thank you to all who voted and Happy Holidays


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