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December 18, 2008

Will You Be a 20th Century Solo or a 21st Century Solo?

While I'm away for a few weeks, getting some holiday R & R and before Solo Practice University gets in the fast lane, I wanted to resurrect some posts which will make you think about the future of the legal profession and your place in it.  These were inspired more than a year ago based upon a series of articles in the London Times written by Richard Susskind, Emeritus Professor of Law at Gresham College, IT advisor to the Lord Chief Justice and consultant to leading law firms.

His new book The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services just came out November, 2008 and will certainly have a profound impact on the legal profession, but I don't think most solos will take the opportunity to read the book as they should because they don't necessarily have the time to think macro as they are micromanaging their days.

However, I do recommend you try to get the book when it debuts in the U.S.  In the meantime here are my 2007 thoughts on the subject with links to the original London Times articles from 2007:

Will Lawyers As We Know Them Exist in 100 Years?

A Lawyer in Every Stop & Shop?

And while you are contemplating the future, I recommend you read additional posts from the category Demographic/Economic Trends because this will give you a more macro perspective of the profession and the economy.

Understand, I'm a macro thinker.  I need to get the big picture first in order to plan anything.  This includes understanding the world we live in, not running from it.  Some get upset when I confront them with the news. But understand, I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, piecing together disparate bits of information to create this bigger picture. This picture may be one others haven't necessarily pieced together yet or they have different pieces of the puzzle creating a different view. And that creates conversation.  Quite often I post about my macro view.  Hopefully it proves beneficial to you.

So, Happy Holidays to everyone.  I'll be posting again after the first of the year :-)

(And in case you didn't see, check out our recent faculty announcements at Solo Practice University.

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