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December 07, 2008

"Tip of the Week" Don't Know How to Handle Received Business Cards?

Just discovered an amazingly efficient tool that can make your life easier - Shoeboxed.

Shoeboxed is very cool if you have problems managing all the data you know you need to enter into your programs for future use.  You keep letting your business cards pile up, eventually they are rendered useless.  All those valuable contacts from conferences, seminars, random meetings, whatever are gathering dust, or worse, lost. 

You've spent the time networking and collected good information for future business relationships but you simply frustrated or have no time for the necessary organization of you business cards which prevents efficient and meaningful follow-through. That's where Shoeboxed steps in.

You can see the demo video here on what they can do for your business card pile.  I think I'm in love:

And for all those receipts you need to organize? Check this out.  (Right now I manually put all my receipts into Quicken and save piles of receipts) With Shoeboxed I could theoretically send my paper receipts to them...they scan and provide a datafeed as well as return the original receipts and I can just upload to Quicken directly.)  I'm led to believe the datafeed and scanned receipts are IRS approved, too.

As a solo, committing yourself to doing the data input necessary to make you more efficient can be an absolutely nightmare....thereby rendering you completely inefficient which costs you money.  Hiring a bookkeeper to do it can be costly, too. Shoeboxed may be just the answer you are looking for.

(Disclosure:  I'm not an affiliate nor do I get anything for discussing them on my site.  Just thoguht they are on to a good thing and it seems time-saving, organized and efficient! which well help you be more productive!)

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