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January 21, 2009

Are You Part of the 'Lost Generation?"

I picked up this amazing video from a fellow tweeter and wanted to share on this blog because it sends a powerful message. It is a message I hear often from those who want to go solo as they come up against an oppressive message drilled into them by the generation before.  While it speaks broadly, control over one's destiny remains the theme of this unique piece.  I also think it is important to note who the sponsor is...at the end.

(Oh, and I'm hoping the boys at WAC? will take a peek, too.  They swear they read my blog and have challenged me to convince them their perspective needs shifting...on Gen Y, that is :-)

....she always makes too much sense. So we do not always agree with Susan Cartier Liebel--is that a great multicultural handle or what?--but we always read her anyway at her Build A Solo Practice, LLC. Reason: we check in with her just in case we are wrong-headed, backward or archaic about life and the law generally, which is likely. If we ever decide to evolve, and become sensitive new age gentlemen.....Holden Oliver from this recent post.

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Brooks Schuelke


Beverly A. West

My parents are both Baby Boomers, and I am "Gen Y" (the upper end of it). When I decided to go to law school, my mom said, "You should become a paralegal." When I decided to hang my shingle after passing the bar, my dad said, "You should get a job."

I'm glad I didn't listen.

Holden Oliver

I am honored, and instructed. But mainly I like her voice. Phone number?

Bruce Wayne

I think this is a motivating piece but its source makes me question its sincerity. The AARP openly acknowledges that they are "the nation’s largest membership organization for people 50+". Why do you think they would sponsor such a clip? Probably because they know if mobilize and change the system that we X'ers and Y'er will get what we pay into the system and they will be left with little they paid.

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