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January 25, 2009

"Tip of the Week" - Start a Blog (Huh? That's Your Tip in 2009?)

You're laughing at me about now, right?  I've been blogging for more than two years, readers considering me well-established and progressive and my tip of the week is something so quaint and 'yesterday' as 'start a blog?'

But I realize that once you leave our rather incestuous internet world of a mere few thousand legal bloggers, that leaves more than a million lawyers out there who still haven't recognized the value of blogging.  Or worse, recognize the value and just don't do it reciting any number of misguided excuses.  I was reminded of this fact by a young guy who is not in the legal marketing world, but in a very different place, who simply believes everyone should be blogging to build opportunities in their lives whatever their chosen career path or future goals because of its inherent power to do two things: help you manage your reputation and to build awareness of your existence (to potential employers or potential clients) and those who may be looking for someone 'just like you."  This includes editors, publishers, academia and more.

Dan Schwabel writes a powerful post on the indisputable benefits of blogging, especially in a down economy. He is not in the legal field nor a legal marketer.  He is simply one who embraces the concept of personal branding regardless your career or personal and professional goals.  He exalts the internet and the blogging platform as a way for you to grab a hold of your personal power and use it to advance in the 21st century.  My two favorites are below

4. Promotes Brand You

When you’re sleeping, your blog is working for you overtime and you don’t even have to pay it! That’s right; a blog is an incredible marketing tool for your personal brand. Every blog post can be found in Google, commented on, shared and so on. A blog is an advertisement and.... your blog is your resume. People are getting jobs all the time from their blogs and they aren’t even applying for them. Blogging is a form of attraction marketing, where people get interested in your content (that you give out for free) and then either hire you or give you an opportunity that can help you build your brand, such as a speaking gig. .......

5. Relieves you from Stress

Blogging is very good for the soul and keeps you active, to a point, where you’ll forget we are even in an economic recession. When you start blogging, you’ll realize that it really consumes your time and, in a sense, this is a very good thing for you when you hear stories of people getting laid off, left and right. A blog will settle you down, make you concentrate more and allow you to flush your ideas out, which can turn into new business ventures! Forget a stress ball and any other infomercials you might see on TV. A blog will actually help you become more of who you are and you can form relationships with people just like you. In this way, you have a whole choir to preach to, instead of just your family and friends.

While Dan discusses more these two particular points seem vitally important now.  It is about being available and seen in the medium where people are looking for you more and more.  Managing your online reputation is key.  Controlling the message and your reputation is vital.  Showcasing your unique skill sets through writing, video, podcasts are necessary talents to develop to stay competitive.

We will be offering free state of the art, fully loaded Wordpress 2.7 blogs at Solo Practice University if you are still 'uncomfortable' knowing how to go about blogging.  But not using a blogging platform to showcase yourself is no longer an option no matter your career goals.  It just isn't.

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Joseph Dang

I just re-united with several lawyers (one a school classmate). Haven't spoken to them in years once I received an in-house position. Out of the 3, two don't even have websites. How insane is that.

When I google their names no website, just some directory listings. One guy is very busy, but is barely making ends meet (that's another subject - overhead). Because of blogs like yours, I started blogging before officially opening up my doors.

Susan Cartier Liebel, Esq.

@Joseph - you make my point perfectly. How many lawyers are missing out on countless opportunities because they just aren't recognizing the value of having a meaningful and cost-effective presence on the internet.

Hopefully, you will share this post with them :-)

Joseph C. McDaniel


I love your blog, and I notice that I come back here frequently to read the great advice.

And I'm absolutely, completely certain that I want to subscribe to your RSS, as you suggest at the end of the post.

I only have two questions.

What's an RSS?

How do I subscribe to yours?


Paleolithic Joe

Joseph C. McDaniel

P.S. Your advice about starting a blog is a magnificent piece of advice.

I started blogging about bankruptcy topics a few months ago, and now it's a primary source of clients; and the clients themselves are better educated about the way I practice bankruptcy law and the way the process works, just because of the blog itself!

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