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February 01, 2009

Blogging Break Continues.....Come Guest Post!

http://www.stephenministries.org/images/work_hard_graphic_2.jpgThere are times to take a break from blogging...the pause that refreshes.  Or, in my case, I have VERY busy weeks coming up which will require my undivided attention as we gear up for the opening of Solo Practice University.

So, look for new posts in a few weeks.  Except we may have a few guest posts sprinkled here and there in my absence. :-)   I may periodically put up a post but not my usual schedule. You will see me poke my head in now and again on Twitter.

And if you are interested in guest blogging on any matters pertaining to solo practice, please e-mail me (see 'e-mail me' button on right) to discuss.

Be back soon.

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(And in case you didn't see, check out our recent faculty announcements at Solo Practice University.

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